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Sage Grouse Tours




The North Park Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Division of

Parks and Wildlife team up to offer  you the opportunity to view the

Greater Sage Grouse on their lek, or communal display grounds for

the annual mating ritual.

Called the “Cock of the Plains” by early explorers, Lewis and Clark, the

Greater Sage Grouse are the largest of the grouse species found in North


The public is invited to view this ritual on two separate weekends in April.  

Trips will be limited to 10 persons each day, so get your

reservations in early. 

A separate tour will be run each day.   Each trip begins in Walden at

6:00 PM on Friday or Saturday with an evening meal at one of the fine

cafes, followed by a short program and question and answer session. 

The tour group will leave Walden at 4:30 AM the following morning.

Cost of the lek trip is $375.00.00 for couples, double occupancy and

$300.00 per person, single occupancy.

(Based on one night stay. Standard rooms only, any upgrades are the responsibility of the individual)


Prices include your lodging arrangements (reservations are your responsibility)

at one of the listed facilities, and they will bill the Chamber on your behalf.

The evening meal, presentation and transportation to and from the Lek are included.


To register, please call the North Park Chamber of Commerce for

information or email to and the

registration forms will be sent to you, or print off the form from the

following link and mail to the Chamber office.


Currently we are in the planning stages for the 2020 season. To put your names on a tentative list, please email the Chamber at


Please indicate the trip that you prefer, the number of participants

and other needed information.

Upon receiving your information, a confirmation email will follow.


Lodging may be arranged at the following local motels:

             Antlers Inn, 460 Main, telephone 970-723-8690

             Chedsey Motel, 537 Main, telephone 970-723-8201

             North Park Inn & Suites, 625 Main, telephone 970-723-4271


   For additional information, please contact North Park Chamber of

Commerce, P.O. Box 92, Walden, CO 80480, telephone

970-723-4600, or email to


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